Living with cats can increase immunity against COVID-19

Living with cats can increase immunity against COVID-19

Living with the saliva and hair of domestic animals can strengthen people’s immunity against the virus. The conclusion is made by a Spanish doctor, in a study developed by you and that, in the future, will have a more solid scientific basis

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Sabina Olex-Condor is a doctor who works in the emergency room of a clinic in Madrid and made a discovery about COVID-19, based on 100 infected patients. According to his study, people who own dogs and cats tolerate the new coronavirus more easily or even completely asymptomatic.

The health professional says that « it is known that cats can take the form of feline coronavirus, which does not infect people. Therefore, it is possible for people who have close daily contact with cats to develop antibodies to the feline virus that can also destroy the human virus « .

But why did you come to this conclusion? Sabina says that « patients or relatives of patients were asked about pets to give us information on how to do the isolation at home. That’s when something caught my attention: most did not have pets. Some claimed to have dogs, but almost none had cats. But of course, the test is very small and I have not done statistics. When possible, I will try to produce more reliable statistics « .

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The doctor explains that “this is called a cross-reaction and exists in nature. Antibodies to one virus also destroy a similar one. It is known that this protection is not 100% because not all cats come into contact with feline coronavirus and not all people develop immunity in the same way. « However, » there is an assumption that we can deal with greater immunity due to contact with pet-specific coronaviruses and a more efficient immune system.  »

Their research, released by Magazine Miau, also shows that some colleagues of the health professional did not have animals at home were on sick leave, while those who had cats remained healthy and continued to work. The hypothesis raised by Sabina is that living with the saliva and hair of domestic animals can strengthen people’s immunity against the virus.

Many animals have been abandoned since the new coronavirus appeared. The fear of these being carriers of the disease is a reality, but there are no studies that point to the danger of pets.

Source : postal.pt

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