Punish schoolboy that cut puppy in half with knife and posed for photos!

Punish schoolboy that cut puppy in half with knife and posed for photos!

This is how a schoolboy from Argentina understand to spend his free time. The perpetrator and his friends were hanging out, when the attacker decides more action is needed to make their time truly memorable. A puppy that was passing nearby would pay the ultimate price for simply being at the wrong moment in the wrong place. The cruel schoolboy grabs the helpless puppy and slices him in half, with the help of a sharp knife. The perpetrator did not seem bashful at all, as he posed for photos with the lifeless puppy nearby. He later uploaded the photos on Facebook, boasting about what he had done that day. He clearly has no shame and is not afraid of being apprehended.

The ruthless boy pictured above attends school at ‘Santa Eufrasia’ in Rio Cuarto, Argentina. This outrageous incident seriously makes me wonder what they teach them at this particular school.

Disgruntled citizens reported the incident to the police, but the complaint was not successful because the boy was underage and could therefore not be prosecuted.

In spite of the mounting evidence, school officials have decided not to expel the boy and give him another chance.

We, the undersigned, strongly feel that this behavior should not be tolerated in today’s society and hereby ask school officials to take immediate action and harshly sanction this mindless boy. This heartless teenager needs to be expelled without hesitation, so he learns a lesson about treating animals with respect. Today it is a dog, but tomorrow his next victim could easily be a human being. No one can take that type of chance.

In addition, we hereby ask the school to implement classes that teach children about compassion and what the animals truly mean in this world – a class where all schoolchildren can learn how to love and cherish them.

The boy showed no remorse as he callously attacked the puppy.

The shocking incident unfolded in Rio Cuarto, Argentina.

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